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M/S S:t Erik Gothenburg

 She was built in 1881 at Lindholmens Varv to go into traffic on the popular Marstrandslinjen. The name M/S S:t Erik comes from the beautiful S:t Eriksparken on Marstrand, where summer guests flocked to seek much-needed coolness in the summer heat.

On board there is a beautiful dining room, a bright aft saloon and two lovely sun decks. In the stern you will find the Union flag, as M/S S:t Erik was built during the Union period. An evening on board the beautiful S:t Erik provides an experience you won't soon forget!

Year of construction: 1881
Dining room, main deck: 110
Christmas table/buffet: 110
Seated dinner: max 150 
Travel/drink arrangements: 200
Sun deck: Yes
Room for meetings: No
Child seat: Yes
Suitable for winter traffic: Yes
My number: 30
My buffet number: 30
Availability: The boat is not handicapped accessible.

Are in: Gothenburg

Food & drink:

Offers full service.

Not own food & drink.

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