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The Stockholm boat Qrooz

A modern lounge concept

Qrooz is a versatile vessel that can be used for many different events. Regardless of the season and weather, the Stockholm boat Qrooz is your best choice. Warm and well insulated in winter. Airy with several patios in the summer. Thanks to the unique open floor plan, everyone is happy indoors if you are unlucky with the weather.


Seating for approx. 26 guests at 2 long tables in the dining room. Seating for up to 40 guests in the dining room and lounge together. Cinema seating for up to 22 guests in the lounge sitting on comfortable sofas, several guests can be accommodated sitting on chairs. Buffet for up to 50 guests and transport with snacks for up to 60 guests.

During the summer season (1/5-30/9), Qrooz is booked with a crew that takes the customer out into the Stockholm archipelago. The ship can be advantageously used as a complement to archipelago restaurants/conference facilities that need to expand their capacity.

Conference lounge
In the separate, fully equipped conference lounge, you can converse completely undisturbed.

Rent the Stockholm boat Qrooz as a floating showroom or conference room. Qrooz is equipped with a ceiling-hung large-screen projector with sound system and whiteboard, flipchart and notepad and pens.


​Max number

Mingle cruise 50 guests (60).
Food service in dining room 22 (26).
Food service in the lounge 14.
In total, we can have 40 diners on board.
At a conference, we recommend 22 guests.

Are in: Strandvägen, Stockholm

Food & drink:

Offers full service.

But it is also possible to rent the boat with your own drinks & food is fine. Rental of tablecloths, glasses and crockery as well as serving staff (at least one) which is counted including an hour before and after the drive is added.

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